Wheelchairs are more than just mobility aids – they are extensions of the users’ body (much like the feet or legs) and also of their personal style and expression.
We dress ourselves to look our best, why not make our wheelchair look its best?

As technology and innovation continue to evolve, so do the accessories available to customize and enhance the wheelchair experience. From sleek pushrim covers to specialized wheel spokes and high-tech gloves, these cool accessories not only add flair but also improve functionality and comfort for wheelchair users.

This is where we want to introduce you to one of our VALE United partnering companies – RehaDesign – that shares the same mission and values for making the world a better place for people with disabilities or special needs.

In time and with use, many wheelchairs can look old and tired. The paint chips and the pushrims get scratched.

RehaDesign Wheelchair Pushrim Covers combined with Seksi Spokes will make your wheelchair beautiful again. RehaDesign pushrim covers come in 7 colors (red, blue, green, yellow, pink, purple and black), and the Seksi Spokes are color matched to go with the pushrim covers and the combination looks amazing as can be seen in the video below.


Some people prefer contrasting colors (black pushrim covers combined with red Seksi spokes, for example), while others choose multi-color Seksi spokes.
Upon request RehaDesign will assemble a custom color combination for you at no extra charge.

Not only will your wheelchair be grateful, but your hands will be thanking you too.
RehaDesign pushrim covers are made of a material that looks and feels like rubber, but it is not rubber. So, the rim covers improve the grip of the wheelchair pushrims, making the wheelchair easier to push. And they feel softer and more comfortable to the hands than raw aluminum. In extreme weather like very cold winters or very hot summers, they protect the hands from temperature as well.

Wheelchair pushrim covers not only protect your hands, they also protect your house. It is very common for wheelchair users to collide with doors and walls leaving scratches behind. Not only do the pushrim get damaged but the walls do too. With RehaDesign pushrim covers, damaged doors and walls are a thing of the past.

RehaDesign also offers a specialized pushrim cover for people who need extreme grip such as Tetraplegics (Quadriplegics). These covers are known as ‘Groovy Pushrim Covers’ due to the grooves or treads which are much like treads in a bicycle tire. These grooves increase the surface area of the pushrim and most Quadriplegics find it much easier to push the wheelchair.

Many people who use pushrim covers also like to protect their hands with wheelchair gloves. RehaDesign features a extensive portfolio of wheelchair gloves for all kinds of wheelchair users. They are made from quality leather with a specialized grip fabric built into the palm. Naturally, they feature gloves for people with normal hand function and for people with decreased hand function like Tetraplegics.

Accessories for wheelchairs offer more than just style

In conclusion, cool accessories enhance functionality, comfort, and safety for users.

From pushrim covers and special wheel spokes to wheelchair gloves, these accessories allow users to customize their wheelchairs to suit their individual needs and preferences. By investing in cool accessories, wheelchair users can elevate their ride and make a statement wherever they go.

RehaDesign has an extensive array of fun and happy wheelchair accessories, which are shipped worldwide from the RehaDesign website.

Go check them out right now!

Hugo Perdigao
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